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The latest version of PSS®MOD 11.0 is available for download.

If any problems are encountered while downloading, installing, or running PSS®MOD, please contact Customer Support by clicking here.

PSS®MOD File Builder 

For PSS®E version 32, 33, and 34 install MODFileBuilder.msi.

General Note

PSS®MOD File Builder is designed to work in conjunction with PSS®E and PSS®MOD. PSS®MOD assists in the tracking and management of changes to a PSS®E base case by allowing the user to import and modify a chronology of additions and retirements of equipment within a PSS®E base case in the form of Modeling Projects. The PSS®MOD File Builder has been designed to help PSS®E users capture model changes in the form of PSS®MOD Modeling projects by comparing PSS®E cases.